This is an archive site for diehard fans of 'The Friday Alternative', Phil Lowe's free fortnightly virtual magazine column which took a sideways look at business and management issues.  To read Phil's current series of articles, 'The Leadership Face-to-Facelift, visit If you're looking for a past Friday Alternative, you'll find it below, in chronological order.

We are all Spin Doctors Now

Business Travel and Your Inner Child

Cautionary Tales For Managers no.1: Samantha, who would not delegate

Self-transformation for pleasure and profit

Customer Service, Cybernetics and Authenticity

Cautionary Tales no. 2: Jim, who avoided teamwork

Say it With a Simile

What's in a Name?

Invasion of the Techno Freaks

The Life-Life Balance

City Survival

Cautionary Tales no. 3: Julie, who thought outside the box

Useful Novelty

Learning to be a Grownup

Unlocking Your Inner Child For Pleasure and Profit

The Art of the Obvious

Would You Rather be Educated, Developed, or Trained?

The Smuggler and the 'Sickie'

Mind Your Language

Whose Money Is It Anyway?

It's Not What You Know, It's What You're Prepared to Forget

And the Meek Shall Develop Long Necks

No Pain, No Gain

The Grand Random Scheme of Things

Consultancy 2: The Heretic

Do Nothing This Christmas

An MBA in Seven Haikus

Why You Can't Be Creative

Read 'Em and Weep

Questions, Questions

Danger: Humans At Work!

What Do You Want To Be Now You're Grown Up?

To Market, To Market

Significant Statistics

Be Careful What you wish For

Spot The Talent

Children At Work

How To Not Write A How To Book

Resilient - Moi???

Attack of the Killer Casuals

Me, Me, Me

Mind Your Variables

All Work and All Play

Where Did All The Money Go?

The Fine Art of Participant Stretching

Crystal Balls

Who's The Cyberdaddy?

Share Your Service For Pleasure and Profit

It's Complex! It's Useless! It's New!

Rocking Leaders

Dependence Day

The Trouble With Ethics

Clarifying Your Personal Values For Pleasure and Profit

Harnessing the Power of the Whinge

The Disgruntled Employee's Guide to Networking

Boring For Britain

Aggressive Affection

Holiday Reading

I'll Be Happy When I Get My Positive Psychology

Friendly Bacteria, Hostile Workplace

Reframing For Pleasure and profit

Writer's Blog

The Price of Everything